Francesco Balzano



With studies in Interior Architecture and Design, this young French creative continued on to become a licensed architect. He then collaborated with one of the top Parisian architects, Joseph Dirand. After 7 years, Balzano decided to reduce the scale and was intrigued by designing in smaller volumes. He has been working on his own and designing since 2018.


Where others begin with the materials, Balzano begins with the drawings. Once the concept is clear, the material follows. The work is sculptural, pure and befitting to an architect, monolithic. In his own words, “I would describe my work as authentique and architectural. I am looking for the silence in objects.” The objects are minimal in design and simple in form. The line is pure.


Balzano looks back in order to create forward. He wanted to be a painter and has remained deeply connected with artists of all centuries. His work speaks to his inspirations, paying tribute to Brancusi, Donald Judd, to name a few. The primary inspiration is often quite varied, including works from the Renaissance as well as talents like Isamu Noguchi and Joseph Beuys.


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