Adrien Messié

Adrien Messié


Adrien Messié started his creative journey working with Andrée Putman. He will thrive there for seven years, collaborating with prestigious brands and international editors. In 2012, Adrien created LE GRAMME, a creative project gravitating around functional and worn objects, which their names is chosen depending of the weight of the piece. Co-founder of this brand, born around silver ribbons, he directed creation there until 2019. Today, Adrien Messié designs under his own name and collaborates with brands and Maison


Minimal and timeless, Adrien Messié’s style combines purity of shape, of the material and attention to detail and refinement. Thought like equations, each of his creations is the result of a particular combination. Homothetic variations and accumulation are the main principals of his artistic language. 


Sources of inspiration and discoveries ; elementary forms, mathematic poetry, alliance of different materials, are essential to Adrien’s creative process. Born of an aesthete grand father and a carpenter father, the designer has a taste for beautiful objects, the ones that last, thought to get through time, perfectly manufactured and that speak for themselves. His constant exchanges between craftsmen and industrials constitute the foundation of all his pieces, taking the project beyond its original perimeter, in a perspective of continuous innovation.