Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully these terms and conditions before ordering any item. You should understand that by ordering any of our products, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Theoreme Editions is a registered trademark belonging to JBDG, a private limited company incorporated under company number 11637690 in England and Wales.

Its VAT number is GB 315 054 634.

For any information please contact info@theoremeeditions.com

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General Terms & Conditions of Sale

All orders are subject to acceptance by Theoreme Editions.

Orders for products can be placed by following the process outlined on the Theoreme Editions website. By placing an order with Theoreme Editions you will be under an obligation to pay for the products in that order if the order is accepted.

Your order will not be processed until the payment for the order is received in full.

Unless otherwise specified, prices quoted on the website are exclusive of: (a) the costs of shipping or carriage to the agreed place of delivery; and (b) value added tax and any other tax or duty which (where applicable) must be added to the price payable.

You agree to pay for taxes, shipping or carriage of the Products as such costs are specified by Theoreme Editions when you submit your order.

Before placing any order, it is your responsibility to check and determine your complete ability to receive your order. This includes ensuring that the products ordered will pass freely and fit into your room of choice, can be transported through the door of your flat or room, stairs and doorways, and there are no other issues that could make delivery more complicated or impossible.

Additional storage fees, depending on the item, will be charged to store merchandise if not picked up within 30 days from the date of invoice for final balance due.

The product shipment will be handled by Theoreme Editions unless the buyer specifies shipment method. Any shipments returned to Theoreme Editions as a result of buyer’s unexcused delay or failure to accept delivery will require buyer to pay all additional costs incurred including storage fees.

You must keep the contact details we hold for you up-to-date so that we can contact you if necessary, about your order or the delivery of the products.

Considering that most of our products are limited editions, if the order form has been sent and the price has been paid for items that are no longer available, Theoreme Editions will refund the amount paid for those items.

Images, Dimensions and Finish of the Products

The images of the products on our website are solely for illustrative purposes and we have made every effort to display the colours accurately. However, we cannot guarantee that your computer will display the colours accurately or reflect the colours of the products. The products that are delivered to you may vary slightly from those images.

Most wood and metal finishes are applied by hand and may vary in colour, tone and character.
While artisans will make every effort to match a finish, no guarantee can be made of an exact match.

Theoreme Editions does not guarantee finishes against fading and oxidizing.

Variations in colour and veining are inherent in stone and wood and considered to be part of the natural beauty.

Furniture and lighting are handmade, and therefore are subject to slight variations.

Theoreme Editions does not guarantee fabrics, dyed or natural, from fading.

Although we have made every effort to be as accurate as possible, the measurements indicated including weights, dimensions and capacities shown on our site are approximate only.

 No contestation or refusal of merchandise will be accepted in relation to this subject.

Prices of Products and Payments

The price of any product will be as quoted on our site and may be modified at any time without prior warning.

Payment of the product prices and relevant costs for shipping and delivery must be made by using debit card, credit card or transfer.

Theoreme Editions requires payment for any shipment hereunder in advance. If buyer fails to make payment in accordance with the terms of this agreement or otherwise fails to comply with any provision hereof, Theoreme Editions may, at its option, cancel any unshipped portion of this order, retain the goods and declare a forfeiture of the deposit as liquidated damages.

In the alternative, Theoreme Editions shall (in addition to other remedies available under any applicable uniform commercial code or otherwise by law) have the right to appropriate and apply the goods to payment due hereunder. Theoreme Editions may proceed to sell or otherwise dispose of the goods at public or private sale for cash or credit.

Any proceeds of the goods may be applied by Theoreme Editions to the payment of expenses and costs to exercise Theoreme Editions’s rights hereunder, and any balance of such proceeds shall be applied against buyer’s account in such order as Theoreme Editions shall determine in its sole discretion. Buyer will remain liable for the balance of all unpaid accounts.

Shipping and Delivery of the Products

As a service to our customers, Theoreme Editions will arrange the shipping of orders via one of its preferred carriers.
All charges are proforma and will be included on the final balance due notice.

If you choose to manage your own freight and delivery, Theoreme Editions must be notified of the specific details of the movement. The fee to move the product from a manufacturer to a terminal for “customer’s own” pick-up will be added to the balance due. The location of the pick-up by the client or the client’s agent may trigger sales tax responsibility at that location.

Ownership of the product transfers to the client upon the freight carrier taking possession of the order for transport.
Therefore, responsibility for damage occurring in-transit is the owner’s and all claims for freight damage
must be made within 72 hours of receipt.

If customer selects their own freight carrier, freight claims must be filed directly with the selected carrier.
Theoreme Editions is not responsible for a customer’s own or third party freight damage and claim.

Theoreme Editions recommends using a qualified receiving warehouse to receive, inspect,
consolidate deliveries and facilitate in-home installation.

Theoreme Editions will recommend a receiver for client if needed. All crated good must go through a professional receiver
such as a receiving warehouse.

A receiving warehouse acts as an agent for the client and is responsible to note any damage and assist the owner with filing a
freight claim when damage is found.

A qualified receiving person should be present to accept products when delivered directly to a home.

A signature on the Bill of Lading (BOL) upon receipt of the product confirms that the products are received in good condition unless exception is made on the BOL. If the merchandise is refused upon delivery for quality or damage issues, the receiver should contact us immediately at info@theoremeeditions.com or by telephone at +44 7825 682 775

Full inspection must occur within 48 hours of delivery and all freight claims filed within 72 hours.

Inspect the cartons or crates carefully. Take photos of any damage to the packaging, this is mandatory to resolve damage claims.

Inspect the branded tape seal. If it is not intact or it is covered over, you should assume the package has been tampered with.
Note this on the BOL.

Unpack the cartons or crates. Inspect all merchandise carefully. Cartons and crates should always be unpacked in your presence.
NEVER discard original packaging until satisfied with the delivery.

If you are unable to inspect the merchandise at the time of receiving the shipment, note on the BOL that any concealed damage of boxed or crated products will be the responsibility of the carrier or the manufacturer as determined upon inspection of the products. Theoreme Editions must be notified within 48 hours of any concealed damage that is found.
Keep a copy of the BOL. Save the packaging material and take pictures of the damage.

All claims should be reported to the customer service at Theoreme Editions.

Products are inspected by the manufacturer prior to release to ensure that the order is in good condition, complete and ready for shipment.

The carrier is responsible for a complete inspection of the products at the point of origin. Any damage must be noted on the BOL. The signed BOL is confirmation by the carrier that they have accepted responsibility for delivering the products in the condition in which they were received. Inspection of the boxed or crated products are limited to the exterior of the packages. Exceptions must be noted, and the packages opened at once if the condition of the cartons or crates appear compromised.

The fitting, installation and maintenance of our products must be carried out by professionals.

Customer Service

Should you have any problem, please contact us at info@theoremeeditions.com or by telephone at +44 7825 682 775

Exchange and Returns of Products

Our products are made to order; therefore, orders cannot be cancelled, and our products cannot be returned or exchanged unless they are damaged or defective.

Changes in orders, returns or cancellations require prior written approval from Theoreme Editions.

Defective products will be replaced within the normal production time period required to reorder and manufacture the same product.

You must notify Theoreme Editions in case of an error, a damaged or a defective product. You must return the product in the same condition in which you received it. You have a legal obligation to take reasonable care of the product whilst it is in your possession. If you fail to comply with this obligation, we may have a right of action against you for compensation.

If you receive a product that is damaged of defective,
you must contact Theoreme Editions within 30 days by email info@theoremeeditions.com or by telephone: +44 7825 682 775
to arrange return.

Theoreme Editions will examine all products returned as damaged or defective and will notify you of your refund via e-mail
within a reasonable period.
Subject to acceptance by Theoreme Editions of the damaged or defective goods,
products returned by you because they are damaged or defective will be refunded in full.

In the event that Theoreme Editions finds no fault with the returned products, you will be notified that the returned product cannot be accepted,
and you will have the products re-delivered to you at your charge.

Refund Procedures in Case of Defective or Damaged Product

The amount paid for returned items shall be refunded by Theoreme Editions to the individual who made the payment.

The value date for the credit shall be the same as the value date of the original debit.

Theoreme Editions will usually refund any money received from you using the same method originally used by you to pay for the purchase, unless agreed otherwise.

Theoreme Editions is fully freed from its delivery obligations in the case of force majeure or events such as the general mobilization of reservists, wars, strikes, res, natural catastrophes, transport delays, lack of raw materials, accidents or all other causes that may hinder the activity of the company or that of its suppliers.
It is forbidden to re-export Theoreme Editions’ products from the country in which they were ordered.
In the case of the non-respect of this ban, we may cease all deliveries.