Emmanuelle Simon

Emmanuelle Simon


Young French designer Emmanuelle Simon studied Interior Architecture and Design at the well-known École Camondo in Paris. She continued her education working with the talented Pierre Yovanovitch. She won the Prix Spécial du Public at the Design Parade 2017 in Toulon and founded her eponymous agency the same year.


Emmanuelle Simon treats surfaces and mediums with respect and seeks to expose natural beauty through design. She often draws inspiration from the art and architecture of the 1920’s and 1930’s, referred to as Art Deco. There is also an Asian sensibility in her approach to materials, space and palette. Her work is poetic and speaks in a whisper.


Emmanuelle Simon’s work is precise, sophisticated and simple. She uses space and light to mould volumes and highlight textures creating beautiful surfaces with an economy of design. Her discreet treatment of materials exposes their beauty in unusual ways. Her palette is muted, clean and balanced.