Garnier & Linker

Garnier & Linker


Guillaume Garnier and Florent Linker met at the prestigious Ecole Camondo in Paris as design students.  The two young Frenchmen graduated in 2012 and continued along their respective career paths, one with Studio KO and one with India Mahdavi.  Three years later they decided to work together and founded Garnier & Linker in 2015.


The concept is simple. Source unusual raw materials from around the world and approach production with traditional French “savoir-faire” and create objects, light fixtures and furniture with a contemporary point of view.  From obsidian in Armenia to cedar wood in Japan, their exploration of materials and traditional techniques allow them to create.


These two young designers are inspired by the work of French sculptor Philippe Anthonioz who, in their words, “will never go out of style.”  For patinas and surfaces, they look to the work of Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne.  The design duo often lets the distinct materials they source drive the design, stating, “The material is strong enough on its own, the shape can then always be simple.”