Hall Haus

Hall Haus


Hall.haus is a quatuor of designers founded in 2020 by Abdoulaye Niang, Sammy Bernoussi, Teddy Sanches and Zakari Boukhari. Each of them come from a different background and their path to design is rooted in different experiences. Abdoulaye, Sammy and Teddy were graduated from ENSCI with a major in industrial design while Zakari holds a Génie des Procédés Énergétiques degree from the Ecole des Arts et Metiers.


They advocate a creative approach resulting from a journey between their environment (hall) and design (haus). Their field of action in design extends to object, experience, and transmission. This group's mission is to imagine the world of tomorrow by using its multicultural heritage from design, the street (in the broad sense) and its African origins, to act in favour of ecological transition, to make design more accessible, especially to the youngest.


In their work, hall.haus is essentially inspired by its environment and those who bring it to life. They absorb it, reinterpret it and then transcribe it into a visual and material language which is the symbol of their singular identity. Industry, architecture and art are also great sources of inspiration in their creations. According to them, design is the bridge between industry and art, a crossed and evolving design of which they are the spokespersons.