Joris Poggioli

Joris Poggioli


Trained as an architect, Joris Poggioli practiced architecture for three years before launching his career as a designer. He is half Italian and responds strongly to the work of Ponti, Columbo and Sottsass. He designs what he thinks of as “micro architecture” and launched Youth Editions, his first collection, in 2017.


Creating furniture driven by pure form. Allowing materials to “speak” and producing works that express creative freedom in a joyful manner without anything too serious. Furniture that is like sculpture, elegant and timeless. Joris Poggioli has a love for materials, in his own words is “obsessed with form and shape.”


Joris Poggioli, as a designer, is obsessed with shape and inspired by the art of Malevich, Kandinsky and the architecture of Tadao Ando. He also responds to the playfulness and shapes of mid-century Italian designers. His creations are also material driven with a preference for marble, stone, lacquer and velvet.
“I love the poetry of form.”