Matéo Garcia

Matéo Garcia


Born in a family of painters from Palma de Marjorque, Matéo Garcia is a designer and sculptor. He is initiated to abstraction thanks to his father and grandfather, closed to Joan Miró, Jean-Jacques Lévêque and Michel Tapié. Graduated from ENSCI-Les Ateliers, he created his agency of global design in Paris in 2014. 


Matéo Garcia sculpts free, nested forms, made of assembled materials and of potential functions. They evoke architecture, landscapes, dunes, rocks, pebbles, or totems. With protruding and fluid lines, these objects tend towards abstraction, a result of exchanges between drawing and sculpture, combining traditional know-how and contemporary tools. 


Matéo Garcia’s work is guided and inspired by evocative forms. Parisian query rock, wild flowers, bone structures, wood frames or abstract paintings, trigger a first gesture, a first form. Artists like Isamu Noguchi, Jean Dubuffet, Michael Grossert, Diego Giacometti, Valentine Schlegel, Henry Moore, Bernd Lohaus or Gordon Matta are for him sources of infinite contemplation.